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Information for Members

These pages have been produced by the KEY Business Committee and Tech Team to help and inform members of Key to Harmony.

This website is not endorsed by Al-Anon Family Groups, Inc. The official Al-Anon website is:

Key to Harmony has been granted express written permission to use limited excerpts from Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature. Contact the webmaster to report inoperative links. This page last updated March 2018.

The Guidelines for Participation contain valuable group information on how Key To Harmony works and helps families of alcoholics.

Supporting Key To Harmony

Current treasurer information is always available by contacting us. Please send 7th Tradition donations (check, money order or OL donations) to:

Key to Harmony Treasurer
Shelley S. or Key to Harmony
2770 Checketts Dr.
Sandy Hook, VA 23153

Online Donations: To make a donation to Key to Harmony with your PayPal account or any credit or debit card, click on the donate button below.

If you would like acknowledgment of your donation, please include your email address. Please know that your donation helps pay all operating expenses of this on-line meeting. K2H is unable to assume responsibility for donations made in cash/soft currencies. KEY's bank will convert the currency of your country.