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Welcome New Members

... to the Key to Harmony Online Al-Anon Meeting.

This group is centered in Al-Anon's Twelve Steps of Recovery, the Twelve Traditions of Unity, and the Twelve Concepts of Service. Members of K2H are committed to sharing Al-Anon solutions in light of "Al-Anon Spoken Here" (P-53) & through the use of other Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature (CAL).

Your e-mail address has been added to our Gaggle.Email listserve which enables you to send and receive email shares within our fellowship email meeting. To send a share to the group, send a new email message to:

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We ask that you learn to navigate your Gaggle account(s) yourself so that you can make the changes you want, when you want, and have access to futher information about Key to Harmony posted on our website.

Changing Your Email Delivery Preferences

At KEY's Gaggle.Email listserv .. Changing Your Email Delivery Preference:

At the bottom of every email message you receive from KEY, there is a link in the footer of the message to your personal Gaggle.Email profile page where you can:

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When joining KEY, you will find three (3) email delivery options available: immediate delivery; daily digest (once-a-day emailing); and pause (vacation mode). Select the mode appropriate to your circumstances.

Please remember that the K2H Moderators are volunteer members of KEY who are neither professional nor full-time site moderators. Requests are answered as soon as possible.

2 Meetings a Week

There are two KEY email meetings weekly beginning each Sunday and Thursday that are voluntarily chaired by Key to Harmony members. To send a topic share, enter the current meeting topic in the subject line of your message and send it to:

In accordance with the Group Conscience of KEY, we ask that you reply to other members privately and not through the KEY list as this disrupts the meeting in progress. If you share late on a particular topic, please include the words "Late Share" in your subject line so that the current meeting doesn't get off track.

As a new member of K2H, you may want to introduce yourself to the group .. just to say "Hi" and/or send a test message. KEY is a very large group so be prepared to receive many warm welcoming emails in return.

FAQ and Guidelines

You can also read the *KEY FAQ Sheet* (Frequently Asked Questions) and KEY's *Guidelines for Participation*. These contain information about K2H so you may want to file or hard copy them. Updated excerpts of this same information are posted monthly through the KEYmail list as "KEY Resources".

Please remember that Online Al-Anon meetings are supplementary to our face to face Al-Anon meetings and are not meant as a replacement for meetings and fellowship involvement. Rather they are a compliment to ...

If you have already confirmed membership but decide to unsubscribe please click on the Unsubscribe link in the welcome email or any other KEY email message.

Again, welcome to Key to Harmony Online Al-Anon Meeting. We are glad you have joined us.