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Officer-Coordinator Positions

Our Trusted Servants

The officers of the Business Committee: Biz Chair, Alternate Biz Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are directly responsible to KEY and its members, as Trusted Servants of their voice and vote.

By a Group Conscience of the members of KEY, (and in keeping with Concept 2) these Trusted Servants were given the autonomy of administrative and operational authority within the Biz Com. Anything outside of that administrative and operational autonomy is taken before the group. (i.e. the decision to add a chat room, the decision to leave our meeting open to "Off Topic/Need Al-Anon ES&H" shares, how we address violations of our Traditions and Concepts within the group, changing our listserv, a change to the KEYmail format - to name the most recent.)

The committees and coordinator positions created within the BizCom: Chair Coordinator, Friendly Reminder Coordinator, Sponsor List Coordinator, FORUM Posting Coordinator, Archive Coordinator (combined with secretary duties), are all directly responsible to the BizCom that they serve.

These committees and coordinator positions were created to help the BizCom meet the needs of the membership it serves. Therefore, each of these trusted servants report monthly to the business committee and post their report to the Key weblog when appropriate.

While there is autonomy within each position, it is also important to remember our responsibility to those we serve. A decision made and implemented without the input of this committee is not a decision made by those entrusted with carrying out the Group Conscience of KEY, it is a decision made by an individual.

Officer Positions:

Business Committee Chair: Acts as a liaison between the group and the Business Committee. Addresses concerns of the membership and this committee. Sets the agenda for current discussion (email) and chairs the business meetings. Calls for discussion,consensus, and vote on issues before the group and this committee. Co-ordinates with the Tech Team, Standing Committees, Coordinators & Liaisons of the Business Committee as a whole. Also maintains the Current Mailing Address (CMA) for Key to Harmony to receive communications from the World Service Office via mail and email. The business committee chair is also co-signatory on the stateside treasury banking account.

Alternate Business Chair: Officially welcomes new members to this committee; is the moderator of the BizCom list; assists the chair with agenda and any other duties; assists coordinators, committees or BizCom members; and assumes the duties of the chair if the chair is unable to fulfill his/her duties. Brings projects and suggestions to the BizCom for discussion and answers the KEYMailbox mail.

Secretary: Records the minutes of all Keybiz meetings. Forwards the completed minutes to Keybiz at the end of each month for review/corrections (5-7 days). Posts approved minutes to weblog. Helps put together the monthly discussion agenda and keeps track of past motions, resolutions, and discussion items for future use by the BizCom when needed.

Treasurer: Deposits the voluntary contributions of our members, pays KEY's expenses, makes the contributions designated by the Business Committee of funds in excess of the established "Prudent Reserve". Notifies Business Committee of any changes in expenses, appeals, and brings items of interest to the committee. Posts Treasurer's Report to the membership at large quarterly. Any member of KEYbiz may volunteer as treasurer regardless of country of residence. For the sake of convenience, there may also be a US/Canada member volunteer as helper.

Coordinator Positions:

Chair Coordinator: Co-ordinates with members volunteering to chair the bi-weekly email topic meetings (topics are AL-Anon/Alateen only). Forwards the "format" to weekly chairs. Sends a reminder to chairs one week prior to chairing to confirm their commitment to chair. Appeals to the membership for chairs when necessary. May post KEYmail Coordinator Report to the membership once per month but does post a report to the BC monthly. Any suggestions for changes made to the "format" of the email topic meeting is brought before the Business Committee. Forwards list of chairs to the Tech Team (Chair, Alt. Chair, Secretary generally) as a "back-up" in case Chair Coordinator is unavailable. Is listed in a moderator position on the listserv enabling the Coordinator to check addresses and current membership.

"Friendly Reminder" Coordinator: Is responsible for having volunteers from the Business Committee rotate on a monthly basis as 'friendly reminder person' for KEY. Using the "FAQ" as a guideline, the volunteers, with the guidance of the Coordinator and backup, write to individuals who post shares that may violate the Twelve Traditions, the Group Conscience of KEY, and the Guidelines for Participation.

Sponsorship Coordinator(s): Develops and maintains a list of Key to Harmony members who are willing to serve as sponsors. Responds to correspondence about Sponsorship that comes through the contact us form. Brings comments and concerns received to the Biz Com for discussion. Post a monthly report to the Key blog.

CAL Coordinator: Sends to the Membership IN THE LOOP, an email newsletter from the World Service Office (WSO) and other information received from the World Service. Volunteers may help with this task and this Coordinator will train those who volunteer to help.

Appointed Positions:

Webmaster: Oversees construct and care of the K2H website. This is an appointed position by the BC/Chairman.

Tech Team (Moderators): Volunteer BC members familiar with operating a listserv and with the time to do it. May also include Coordinators/Officers from time to time to help them facilitate their jobs. Will answer tech questions via the contact us form and forward program questions to the appropriate Coordinator or Officer. Also sends out a monthly reminder to the entire membership containing an activity report, FAQs, guidelines and an invitation to join the Key business committee.