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I Only Have Today

I remember the effect that it had on me the first time I heard someone say that I was powerless over yesterday and tomorrow. That seems like a simple enough statement alright, but the truth is it had just never occurred to me before.

I had spent so much time worrying about stuff that was already past --wishing that I could undo it, or make up for it somehow. Al-Anon made it simple for me to understand that was simply impossible.

One of the best lessons that I "got" when I came into these rooms was that I was totally powerless over the past.

I may not like what happened yesterday, but I am powerless to change it. I may not like what happens tomorrow, but it hasn't happened yet!

If I accept yesterday's mistakes and troubles and refrain from worrying about what MIGHT happen tomorrow, then I am living right in the middle of today, which is all I really have anyway!


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