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To All Key to Harmony Online Al-Anon Members,

The following is a list of KEY addresses and information that you can file and/or make a hard copy of for future reference.

*** IN THE SPIRIT OF THE 7TH TRADITION, KEY TO HARMONY is self-supporting through the voluntary contributions of its members. If you make donations in the currency of your country .. K2H's bank will make necessary conversions. Please be advised that K2H is unable to assume the risks and responsibilities of donations in cash and soft currencies.

7th Tradition CONTRIBUTIONS (check, Money Order or OL donation) may be sent to:

Key to Harmony Treasurer
c/o Kate P. (treasurer)
38 Butler Dr.
Kuranda FNQ4881

or ...

US/Canadian Assistant to the Treasurer

US/Canadian Assistant to Treasurer
Shelley Short or Key to Harmony
2770 Checketts Dr.
Sandy Hook, VA 23153

Online Donations: To make a donation to Key to Harmony with your PayPal account or any credit or debit card, click on the donate button below.

It is through the voluntary contributions of our members that K2H is able to stay on-line. KEY's bank will convert the currency of your country. If you need a receipt, please include your snail mail or email address.


To make changes to your name, email address, and delivery options for K2H email messages, use the link to your Gaggle.Email account at the bottom of each message that you have received from Key to Harmony.

We ask that K2H members use ONE email address for K2H if at all possible. We also strongly suggest that you NOT use a business address for reasons of security, privacy and anonymity (yours and that of fellow members).

Our moderators are not professional computer people .. they are volunteers from within the fellowship who donate their time to provide assistance to our members. No one is *on duty* 24/7 so we ask for your patience while we do the work that we do.

Foreign country members, please stay in touch via member's personal addresses and/or KEY's contact us form if you are 'bounced' from a list unexpectedly. Do not hesitate to contact the moderators to let us know what is happening in your country of service.

Bounced Email addresses that come up on the moderator's master log as "address invalid; disabled" or bounce an excessive number of times are automatically unsubscribed from K2H's listserv. If this happens to you and you wish to remain a KEY member using an address that was bounced, please, clear all problems with that address and re-subscribe on this page.

THE BIZCOM AND TECHTEAM OF KEY HUMBLY REQUEST THAT MEMBERS respect the KEYmail meeting in progress by NOT sending requests to unsubscribe, for technical assistance, general announcements, 'thank you's', business questions, virus alerts, personal replies, venting or any other such personal email through the KEYmail sharing address.

Please use the KEY contact form and an individual's addresses for those varied purposes. If you think there is a matter of emergency, the K2H main email list (KEYmail) can be notified of the situation using an "Off Topic/Business" email from a K2H Business Committee officer. Please contact the Business Committee in that event.

WE ASK THAT MEMBERS DO NOT include Key to Harmony's internal addresses and member's email addresses in your personal and multi-email or for purposes outside K2H and Al-Anon as a whole. This includes putting non-program information in your signature on KEYmail shares and signatures.

ON-LINE AL-ANON MEETINGS ARE SUPPLEMENTAL to face-to-face meetings and do not seek to replace them. On line meetings are recognized as viable Al-Anon meetings by Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. and K2H follows Al-Anon Traditions and Concepts in this on-line format. K2H wholeheartedly encourages its members to become involved in face-to-face Al-Anon/Alateen meetings and service.

A GOOD SOURCE OF INFORMATION ABOUT AL-ANON/ALATEEN in general is the "Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual", (P24-27, $5.00 USD). All Conference Approved [Al-Anon/ALATEEN] Literature (CAL) is available at face to face meetings and Al-Anon Literature Distribution Centers (check the phone book or newspaper for meeting information near you).

You may also order CAL from the Al-Anon/Alateen World Service Office: World Service Office, 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617; phone (757) 563-1600; email

K2H IS AN EMAIL MEETING and HAS TWO KEYMAIL MEETINGS per week beginning each Sunday and Thursday; meetings are chaired by member volunteers.

To send a KEYmail share, type the correct meeting topic in the subject line of your email and send it to

WE ASK THAT EMAILS REQUESTING ""AL-ANON EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH AND HOPE"" be subjected, "Off-Topic/Need ES&H". By doing this, other members are aware of your request and they can delete those emails and the KEYmail meeting in progress is not disrupted. KEY is a very large meeting with several hundred members, please let outside issues remain outside our KEYmail Al-Anon Meetings.

K2H IS GRANTED PERMISSION ANNUALLY FOR OUR MEMBERS TO QUOTE UP TO ONE full paragraph from Al-Anon/Alateen Conference Approved Literature per share. When quoting CAL in any and all KEYmail shares, please use the following acknowledgment: From: [Insert Name of Book or Pamphlet], page______, book/pamphlet number ______, copyright date ______ by Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. Limited use by express written permission of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.

FOR INFORMATION ABOUT KEY'S SPONSORSHIP LIST CONTACT the Business Committee using our contact us form. Your message will be forwarded to the current Sponsorship Committee and a list of voluntary sponsors, if there are any, will be sent to you.


The following URL can be used to convert time zones:

TO LOCATE ONLINE Al-Anon meetings worldwide, use the official Al-Anon/Alateen Website.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO CHAIR A MEETING? All members of KEY are invited to do so. Our topics are Al-Anon related only per Al-Anon's Traditions. If you are in question as to an appropriate topic, please contact the Business Committee and/or the current KEYmail Coordinator for input. To volunteer, contact our current KEYmail Coordinator either via sporadic requests for chairs or through the contact form and that information will be forwarded to the appropriate Coordinator.

PLEASE REFER ALL QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, COMPLAINTS, SUGGESTIONS, and any business agenda items to the contact us form, linked from every page on this website. This serves as KEY's suggestion box/ mail box/complaint box/ business committee contact.

K2H is your meeting. Any and all input to the Business Committee from the membership is greatly appreciated.

MEMBERS OF K2H ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE KEY BUSINESS COMMITTEE (KeyBiz) by using the contact us form. Your service experience and input are most welcome.

In service,
K2H Business Committee Chairperson

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