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The Surrender Step

I come to Step Three with insight into my own self will and the consequences and limitations of plowing my way through life on determination and forced solutions that I have gotten through Step One, and with the belief I have gained in Step Two, that a power greater than myself can restore me, this situation or circumstance to sanity.

Step Three for me is where I accept my limitations, reaffirm my belief and make the commitment through my decision to "let Him". It is where I am given a choice. I can choose the insanity of my self will, resentment, pity, anger and fear, or I can choose God.

I have felt the pain of those other choices, my remembrance makes the decision easy - I choose God.

Turning Myself Over

Step Three has three important key words for me; care, will (singular) and lives (plural).

I am not asked to "turn myself in" for punishment, but rather "turn myself over" for care. My will is the only will I have to turn over. Much as I would like to and as hard as I tried for many years, I cannot turn over the will of those I love - they need to do that for themselves.

But, in turning over my life and will to the care of God, I automatically turn over the lives of everyone I love and might otherwise be trying to control.

The Care of God

Step Three for me is the surrender Step. It is where I let go of all that stands in the way of my Higher Power being first in my life and me from being me. My surrender does not mean that I accept the unacceptable, it simply means that I accept the reality of my situation and ask God to help me take care of myself in it.

I learned about Powerlessness and unmanageability in Step One. I learned belief in Step Two. Step Three teaches me where my power is - in my decision to let my Higher Power teach me how to take care of myself. This simple learning asks nothing of me other than my willingness and my decision to trust in the process.


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