An Online Al-Anon Email Meeting 

Welcome to Key to Harmony!

About Our Fellowship...

Key to Harmony is an online Al-Anon email meeting that was established July 19, 1997. Ours is a unique gathering of equals, committed to sharing our recovery and inspired by the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Al-Anon Family Groups.

Our twice-a-week meetings are based on an email format. We share our experience, strength and hope on specific topics, much as we would in a face to face meeting.

Although online Al-Anon meetings cannot replace face-to-face meetings, many of us have found that these online meetings are a wonderful supplement to our Al-Anon way of life.

The love, friendship and comfort which we all seek to find in Al-Anon are fully present within our Key to Harmony fellowship, despite the miles which separate us.

This website is supported and maintained by members of the Key to Harmony Online Al-Anon Family Group [#062160].